Moin Uddin

Open Source & Side Projects

QR Anything

This extension is simple one and makes use of a jQuery plugin. Simply turns the given text into QR code.

Web Travel

Its a fun extension which shows you how many miles you travelled electronically for the page you've just visited.


Its like Google Maps but provides directions for the Metro bus service that runs in some cities of Pakistan.

Unblock YouTube

Re-routes all the requests to a third-party site.

Hover Preview

Uses URLMeta's API to show information about the link, cursor is hovered on.

QR & Barcode Scanner

A free, simple Ad-free Android app made in Cordova to scan QR and barcodes.

Sleepless in System

Named like that movie! When you enable it, it won't let your phone or computer go to sleep.


A wrapper over HTML5's WebSQL API to make its use more easier.


A JavaScript library that exposes a No-SQL API over localStorage.

URL Meta

A free API made in NodeJS that provides meta information about given URL.


I created this to solve my own problem. An web app to share text between devices.


JavaScript plugin. Create simple youtube-like loading bar in JavaScript.

Search Overflow

Its a developer extenson. Creates a new panel in DevTools where Stack Overflow can be searched from.


My first jQuery plugin. This plugin looks for file URLs in any element and adds an icon representing that file type.